Sitting on a tiny, ruby coloured plastic stool in a dim alleyway between two tall buildings was the setting of my first ever street food in Viet Nam. Next to me an old lady tended a huge, simmering cauldron of brain soup. When it was my turn to receive a big helping, I let the brains bob around while I tucked into all of the fresh vegetables and savoured the perfectly seasoned broth.

Since then, over many years I’ve eaten countless meals on the street, and whilst the Kiwi in me feels uncomfortable about throwing my crab carcass under the table, or wishing toilet paper wasn’t the only option to sanitise my chop sticks, I love the sense of adventure that comes with street food.

When I visit Viet Nam, I’m lucky to be in company of my husband and his family who are Ho Chi Minh City locals. Through them I’ve seen a side of Viet Nam that is raw, generous and welcoming.

Pho, in case you’re wondering is the most famous Vietnamese dish – noodle soup accompanied by salad greens, herbs, lime wedges, chilli slices and sauce. It’s a feast! I’ve named this blog ‘pho’ travels, because in English ‘pho’ sounds like ‘far’.

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  1. Well, I’ve just looked into the Liebster Award. It turns out it’s not really an award and the rules have zig zagged over the years. I’m all for giving a shout out to fellow bloggers, and I regularly comment on blog posts that I really enjoy. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a little insight into what I enjoy reading online:

    piesandstuff – http://piesandstuff.wordpress.com/about/
    Love the dedication to the art of cooking pies. Who doesn’t love a good pie. I feel so immersed when reading about how clogged the blender gets, whether the pastry was too oily or buttery perfection.

    Saigoneer – http://saigoneer.com/
    Magic images from past and present, entertaining stories and news about my favourite topic – Viet Nam.

    Eat & Greet – http://eatandgreet.co.nz/
    Such a pretty blog with beautiful photographs that showcases good eats in Wellington, New Zealand.


  2. Today is Friday and that means its pho day for us in our family ๐Ÿ™‚ – Friday Pho is a regular in our extended family! We love it!
    Look forward to your future posts about pho or whatever they may be about…..


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