A holiday for your teeth

Six months ago I broke a mercury-filled, weakened molar. Knowing it was serious, I sought dental treatment straight away.

Even though the dental clinic I belong to has an after hours service, they refused to see me and claimed their wait list for treatment was three months long. I told them I wasn’t willing to wait. They fit me in within two days.

$600 dollars later and a lot of to and fro with my dentist, I had a partial root cleanse and a temporary filling, which I wasn’t allowed to eat on. His preferred option (less than half the price) was for me to have tooth ripped out, despite the risk of displacing the surrounding teeth over time. The cost of saving the tooth with a crown or bridge was in the thousands. 

When I heard the prices, I said, “I’m not paying that. Do a temporary fix. I’m off to Vietnam in a few month’s time, I’ll get it sorted there. You should have seen the dentist’s expression. I stopped him in his tracks and said, “No need for that. I’ve had excellent dental treatment in Vietnam before.”

Tonight I had a crown fitted and ate on my tooth for the first time in half a year. Perfect.

I’m compelled to write about my experience so that if you’re facing a dental bill you can’t afford, you can evaluate whether you can turn your toothy troubles into a holiday. 

My Dentist 

My dentist is an husband and wife team who work from immaculate premises in the Tan Binh district of Ho Chi Minh City. The clinic is called Anh Vy. 

In the mornings they work at a large clinic, but from 2:30pm ’till late they work from home at Anh Vy. 

There’s secure bike parking and an air conditioned waiting room out front. 

The clinic is clean and modern.

The Service 

Generally people are seen on a first in, first served basis, however if you’re going to the trouble of traveling there from overseas, you should make contact to discuss your requirements and book your appointments in advance.

My husband did all of the talking, however I was warmly received and both dentists chit chatted a little in English to me. They were able to explain the process and products, which in my case was a high quality crown using 2016 ceramic technology.

In addition to fixing my molar, the dentist inspected my other teeth and offered to straighten them and replace an old wire. Unfortunately time didn’t permit, so I’ll be doing this next trip. 

I was really pleased with this part of the service, as my New Zealand dentist never bothered to discuss other dental care required.

The dentists endeavour to provide a pain-free experience and ensure you feel comfortable.

The Process 

My treatment was dispersed over three appointments. The first involved an x-ray, removal of the temporary fix, filing down the tooth in preparation for the crown, and getting moulds done.

The second appointment was a day later. I had the ceramic tooth fitted and a colour match done.

Finally, I returned the next day to get the tooth permanently positioned, which involved placing the tooth several times, testing the bite and adjusting accordingly. I was instructed to eat on it for a couple of days, and to come back if it didn’t feel right. 

The Price 

Approximately NZ$450 – a saving of thousands, making it worthwhile to have combined my holiday with a trip to the dentist.

Contact Details 

Over to you if you decide to follow in my footsteps. I have no ties with the dentist, but I’m confident in their skills and service. So, if you have to get braces, implants or other expensive treatments, feel free to make an enquiry. E: nhaanhvy@gmail.com