Noodles Wet or Dry

PhoTravels Mi Hoanh Tanh Thit Heo

When you’ve had your fill of pho and start hankering for something different, ‘dry’ noodles can really hit the spot. 

Chinese egg noodles are perfect eaten dry. They’ve got a ‘bite’ to them that is very moreish. Soused with sweet soy sauce like kepap manis, a sprinkling of spring onions and pepper they’re delicious.

‘Dry’ noodles always have the option of an accompaniment of a steaming hot broth, which you pour over the noodles to your liking. It’s a fun ritual, and depending on the food shop, you can order little sides like fried chicken wings, and wontons to customise your own meal.

The perfect combination though, is the pictured barbecue pork won ton noodle soup and dry noodles (mi hoanh thanh thit heo ‘kho’). If you want to try this style of noodles, the best place is in district five (cho lon), otherwise known as China Town in Ho Chi Minh City.

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