Pizza Roma in Ho Chi Minh City

When in Viet Nam I recommend eating the local cuisine to have a more rewarding travel experience. Extra points for eating on the street! But, when you feel like eating a little something from home, skip the burger joints and expensive cafes catering to foreigners, and try the local interpretation of Italian cuisine.

Pizza Roma - PhoTravels

Pizza isn’t really popular amongst Vietnamese. Young people like to try different food though, but unless the food is awesome, it’s not going to last long in the City. Pizza shops have come and gone like the typhoon season, but Pizza Roma has lasted the test of time.

Pizza Oven at Pizza Roma - PhoTravels

Crispy, thin-based pizza is baked in a wood-fired oven, and tasty seafood pasta are key menu items. Oh, and if you must, you can also order hot chips (fries).

Pizza Roma Map - PhoTravels

Located on a main road (Cach Mang Thang Tam) in District Three near where Vo Van Tan Street intersects. It stands out at night with it’s bright Pizza Roma neon sign and tables on the street covered in checkered cloths. It’s like a hybrid restaurant/streetfood shop – a hole in the wall pizza and pasta kitchen that serves diners on the footpath. It’s probably this atmosphere of sitting on the road amongst all the hustle and bustle of the city that appeals to young Vietnamese.


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  1. I agree, when you stay a long time anywhere you need a change and in Vietnam you can find plenty of European restaurants offering authentic dishes. Yet no matter how much of a coward you are, Vietnamese street food is a must try.


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