A Hankering for Vietnamese Curry for Breakfast (Bo Kho)

Sometimes we associate rich, hearty food with cool weather. Curries, soups and stews are perfect comfort food for winter. Ho Chi Minh City rarely cools down below 15 degrees celcius, but they love their curry, and the best time to eat it is for breakfast.

Bo Kho - PhoTravels

Bo Kho can be eaten with baguettes (banh mi bo kho) or rice/egg noodles (hu tieu mi bo kho) with greens of course, and with this dish you’ll always be served culantro (ngo gai), the Vietnamese herb rau thom and fresh chillies. Then to make it even more delicious you’ll have a little plate in which you can mix salt, pepper and lime juice (muoi tieu chanh). All of this adds to an already flavourful beef curry stew, which has special ingredients like lemongrass, onion, spring onion, ginger, cinnamon and star anise, to name just a few.

Imagine starting your day with salty, spicy, sour and curry flavours. All you need to balance it out is a sweet, cool glass of plum juice (nuoc xi muoi). Mm..mmm!

What’s your favourite breakfast dish?


4 thoughts on “A Hankering for Vietnamese Curry for Breakfast (Bo Kho)

  1. It is hard to single out one particular (Vietnamese) dish that I like more than other dishes. Rich food makes me feel heavy, and curry, spicy aftertaste lingers longer than I wish. Perhaps, my aging stomach, can appreciate only rice porridge with fermented tofu, or occasionally, half of salted egg.


  2. oh man, i miss homemade bo kho! homemade can be lighter than those sold at restaurants here. so far, the bo kho i’ve had at restaurants tend to be on the heavier side.


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