Meet Pho’s Cousin – Mi Quang

Mi Quang Noodle Soup - PhoTravels


Mi Quang is one of the most popular dishes in the middle of Viet Nam (Mien Trung cuisine). Rather than its delicate cousin, pho, mi quang is a hearty noodle soup comprising thick rice noodles, fish luncheon, pork luncheon, pork spare ribs and/or chicken. Accompanying the soup is the usual limes, chilli, nuoc mam, herbs and salad greens, as well as big rice crackers (banh trang) that you break up and dip into the tasty broth.

Nowadays mi quang is infiltrating the south of Viet Nam and is a favourite in Ho Chi Minh City amongst locals. A chain store serving mi quang is well established in the city, however if you’re seeking to try authentic mi quang head to Bau Cat area in Tan Binh district, where the people from the centre of Viet Nam (Nguoi Mien Trung) have migrated to.


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