Caramel, Coffee and Cheese

Whilst having a hearty bowl of pho one morning in Da Nang, I spied a bread shop selling delicious looking buns. With the combination of caramel, coffee and cheese, I can’t say that the flavour combination was quite right, but they had potential and made me want to recreate a more tasty version at home.

Pappa Roti Bread by Pho Travels

Pappa Roti buns have a caramel/coffee topping, which is like a biscuit crumb, with a thin layer of cheese on the bottom. The bread itself is light and soft. Here’s a pic showing how they’re made.

How pappa roti are made

(Image courtesy of the Pappa Roti website)

Whilst not a flavour combination that I loved, I did enjoy pappa roti buns, as they reminded me of melon pan from Japan and the day I spent about half an hour lining up outside a bakery in Shinjuku to try a fresh batch of reportedly famous melon pan. And now I have a hankering to try baking these soft yet slightly crunchy and sweet delicacies at home.

Pappa Roti seems seems to be in various countries, with some having quite big cafe style set ups.

Do try this bread if you come across it and let me know what you think.