Dinner on a Conveyer Belt – Genius!

Tiny, colour-coded plates with individual portions of sushi moving past your table on a conveyer belt makes for a fun dining experience. Known as kaiten sushi, this dining gimic brought fame to Japanese cuisine. Now the ante has been upped with hotpot in Viet Nam.

KichiKichi dishes


Hot pot is a healthy style of eating that starts with a delicious soup base tailored to your liking – vegetarian, spicy etc. Then you heat your pot until it starts to simmer and add fresh vegetables, meat or fish. In the case of Japanese shabu shabu, you cook your meat by dipping the very thin slices into the hot broth and gently shaking it. Then, you either put your just-cooked hotpot ingredients directly into your bowl, or onto your own individual helping of rice noodles. Finally, you get out your chop sticks and tuck into your freshly cooked feast, which you dip into a sauce of your liking – ponzu (an acidic Japanese sauce), soy sauce and freshly sliced chillies, sweet and sour sauce.. you choose!


A new restaurant chain, Kichi Kichi in Viet Nam has taken the hotpot concept and served it up on a conveyer belt. At each place setting, diners have their own space for a hotpot and a heat setting to control the cooking process. Upon ordering your soup base, putting it flush into your table and setting it to simmer, you then order up any special ingredients, like frozen rolls of marbled beef, and select other ingredients going past on the conveyer belt. You’re the cook and the ingredients are delicious. It can’t go wrong, really!

Kichikichi Placesetting

Kichi-Kichi marbled beef

Kichi Kichi sushi and sauces

KichiKichi Conveyer Belt Dining