Urban Legends

One of our family’s favourite places for breakfast in Ho Chi Minh City is a noodle shop located on a very busy junction in District 5.

Ca Can Interior

Few street vendors have established permanent structures like the interior walls and large marquee that this place has. In fact, according to local urban legend, the noodle shop has been going strong since before the war ended in 1975, and the current owner’s great grandmother who established the business, held a high position in local government, so the politicians have honoured whatever arrangement she established until now.

At the entrance  of CA CAN noodle shop, a lady sells steamed buns with savoury and sweet fillings to diners and as snacks to passersby.


The specialty of the shop is dry noodles (hu tieu kho) that comes with a small bowl of clear soup, and normal noodles (hu tieu nuoc)

Vietnamese Street Food

Most people in District 5 are Vietnamese Chinese, in fact the area used to be called China Town. The owners of CA CAN are Vietnamese Chinese and their style of cooking borders on Cambodian style.

Cooking is hot work, but the open air setting provides some relief from the heat. This noodle shop is open 24 hours.

Cooking Ca Can

DINING TIPS: Order a plate of cooked mung beans and garlic chives to add to your bowl of noodle soup. If you feel hungry, you can order a small side of pork mince in broth and/or some pork bones.

Cooked Veges

Here’s the menu of the steamed buns:



Map of Ca Can