Vintage themed Cafe Hidden in HCMC

Mac Cafe Entrance in HCMC

A sign barely visible in the trees out front, a couple of bike parking attendants and a welcome mat are the only signs that beyond this door is a cafe, let alone one of Ho Chi Minh City’s best.

Vintage Themed Cafe in HCMC

Mac Cafe

A dimly lit, rustic timber and brick interior embellished with vintage collectables provides an interesting setting at MOC cafe in Ho Chi Minh City. Comfy sofa chairs are set out in booth-like arrangements, and huge speakers at the end of the room (almost 2m square) fill the space without being loud, with an excellent selection of jazz and other genres of easy listening music.

MOC is comfy, cosy and tastefully decorated. It’s an unexpected find in the City where cafes cater to the young with loud pop music and do little to create a cohesive theme. The menu is bilingual, and features an extensive array of beverages (no food).

CULTURAL TIP: You’re not under any obligation to buy a lot of drinks when you’re spending a long time at a cafe. Many Vietnamese will sit on a couple of drinks over several hours and also sip the iced tea provided free of charge.

FIND MOC HERE: 34 Ho Bieu Chanh Street, Ho Chi Minh City

Google Map showing the location of Mac Cafe in HCMC