Floating Seafood Restaurant

Long Son village is a quiet, sparsely populated place, where you feel like you’ve escaped the tourist trail. The local industry is fishing, and for visitors there are several floating restaurants. Just park the car, stroll through the village and catch a shuttle boat.

Long Son Shuttle Boat Driver

Floating Restaurant at Long Son

Shuttle Boat docked at Lang Be Long Son Floating Restaurant

Long Son Shuttle Boat

The shuttle boat docked at the Long Son floating restaurant


Lang Be Long Son Floating Restaurant

Views from the Floating Restaurant

Once there, wander around the fish pens and choose ingredients for a seafood feast. Then all you need to do is kick back on a hammock, read a book, play cards with friends, and soak up the tranquil surroundings and soothing rhythm of being on water.

Lunch perhaps?

Walking the planks to find lunch


These fish are about 1m long and are feisty. I don't know what they are, but they look and swim like sharks, and apparently are related to sharks.

As you walk past the fish pens, the staff will lift up the nets to show you the fish. These guys were feisty!


Between each pen and room of the restaurant you walk on planks joined by rubber. At times you have to tread very carefully.

Rubber joins on the floating restaurant

Dining on board is very relaxing.

Dining on board the floating restaurant

The only surprise you may encounter is the toilet. Whilst it appears to be a fully functioning western toilet, it’s just plonked over a hole in the river. It’s not bolted down, so sit down with care. Oh, and having no plumbing, you’ll need to use the scoop to flush using water supplied in a tub.

Floating Toilet

Linger long, and you can enjoy views like this.

Sunset from the floating restaurant